Instead of rushing home after school to be with friends and family or even to do his School work, 16 year-old Karabo Mothokwa takes his time to teach kids from around the township how to play cricket.
Mothokwa himself is a cricket player and has been playing the sport for the past nine years. He says cricket is not a popular sport amongst black youth in the township and this is the one reason why he wanted to play the sport.
“I chose cricket because I realised that very few of our black brothers have no interest in the sport and that made me realise that my chances of playing in the professional league are high. I want to see many black faces represented in our National cricket team (the Proteas)” says Mothokwa.
Mothokwa says it warms his heart when young kids come in their numbers to learn how to play the sport.
“It also makes me happy every time I observe their growth in playing the sport. It is unfortunate that we do not have enough playing equipment. We are in need of bats, helmets and wicket keeper equipment. We can only afford to play balls” he says.
Mothokwa says parents of the kids have also shown their support as the sport keeps them from participating in activities that could lead them astray.
“I myself has benefited immensely in occupying myself with playing cricket as it refreshes my mind and puts me far away from trouble” Mothokwa says.
The energetic learner has also played for the Eastern Junior Club Cricket Association (EJCCA) in the year 2013-2015.
He says the EJCCA is a good platform in that it exposes you to players like the Proteas batsman, Hashim Amla. But Mothokwa’s bigger dream is to one day be a coach of the Proteas.
Mothokwa is under the mentorship of Michael Rampheng who describes Mothokwa as a disciplined boy who has respect and is committed to what he does. “I understand his passion for cricket but his studies comes first. He must do well as school as he does in cricket.” says Rampheng.