The arrival of democracy encourages communities to establish projects that will be used to address their particular needs as well as alleviate some of the problems they come across by ensuring that they are empowered.Learner Press is one such initiative. It is aimed, mainly, at empowering students with knowledge and information. Information such as how to apply for tertiary admission, careers to follow, how to obtain bursaries and so forth. It also aims to give learners and educators from different schools across the country a platform to interact with one another in sharing their success stories (be it personal or otherwise) as well as about areas of concern in as far as education is concerned. This newspaper is also established to reflect in detail the difficulties that educators, students and parents are confronted with on a daily basis, while at the same time reflecting on some of their schools achievements.

We will also create a platform for communication and space for debates amongst educators and students on current affairs matters affecting our education system. These might include social and political matters like teenage pregnancy, student-educator relationships, substance abuse (by both educators and students) and many other issues affecting our education system. We will give recognition to educators who go beyond a call of duty so that the performance of their students is improved.There are many NGOs and individuals who dedicate their time and resource to make our education system a better one.

Organisation like Sibusiso Leope Education Foundation (SLEF), Thusanani and many others yet their good work goes unrecognised because of lack of publicity by the main stream media. Learner Press will also bring to the attention of the youth, programmes that are within government departments aimed at their (youth) development.We believe that we offer a proper platform at which these issues can be properly addressed and solutions found based, mostly, on professional advice. Nelson Mandela once said: “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” We hope that with this project will contribute in “changing the world” for the better.