The youth of 1976 was fighting for better education and opportunities for the black child. 40 years later, the struggle continues but with further different goals from the past generation. Today’s generation is fighting for their fees to fall because they are too expensive. This campaign has sparked lot of emotion from the public, students, parents and political parties. Different views were raised on the issue and people have spoken about the manner at which this campaign has been made the world to perceive South Africa as a country with young people who violated and vandalized government property because they simply wanted to be heard. Lindiwe Maphumulo spoke to learners regarding this matter. A grade 12 learner from Springs Secondary School, Sizwe Sibeko said “Fees must fall, money to fund our education is nonexistent but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to study, we want to. There are people with money and they don’t stress about the loan they took to further their studies” said Sizwe Sibeko “Fees must fall; those privileged learners get to go to varsity, what about us that don’t have money to pay for the fees? We want education too” said Mzakhe Mbuli a matriculant at Springs Secondary School.

“It’s a good idea because you find that there are people who are intelligent sitting at home due to the lack of funds
to pursue their career they’ve always dreamt off” Said Mathapelo Mashilo. “This is a great initiative, because we as students don’t come from similar backgrounds, some of us come from poor backgrounds, it’s going to helpful. I think you have noticed that the smartest people are not that rich. Sometimes they find it hard it hard to pursue their dreams because of financial constraints” said Phumlani Hlophe the President 8at the Spring Secondary school. “ I totally agree with the initiative, there are disadvantaged students that need the financial assistance and which they would really use it to their advantage and change the situations back home where they come from” Basiame Tshepo Moshoeshoe.

Kgotso Chauke 17 Grade 12 SRC deputy president at Tembisa High school I do not support the #FessMustFall as those Wits student went to Wits knowing very well that its fees are high. Wits offer High Quality education by highly qualified professors and Doctors therefore if fees fall you lose these skilled individuals. 17 year old Mmashela from Tembisa high school I support the #FeesMustFall The majority of our brothers and sisters can’t afford the high fees charged by these institutions but they still deserve quality education. If fees don’t fall we are likely to end up with many youth roaming the streets which will further result in high youth unemployment.